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  Talent is the most treasurable assets to the enterprise, the main source to the enterprise value and the key element to the enterprise development. Evergreen’s development is people-oriented. Evergreen highlights that individuals and the enterprise should have ambitious objectives that should be consistent with the objectives of the enterprise development and the social development.

Talent Strategy: 

Let Evergreen be the DreamWorks for the production of talents.

Employment Strategy:

Make good use the present ones, introduce the necessary ones and cultivate the potential ones.

Training philosophy:

Let Evergreen be a huge school to help the staffs to improve and grow. Forge a 3D training system based on the position responsibility, management and career planning. 

Recruiting Philosophy:

Strictly follow Evergreen’s qualification model and virtue is the highest priority.

Payroll Philosophy:

Establish the payroll system based on the position responsibility and capability; develop a high performance payroll culture.

Performance Philosophy:

Management is target-oriented with process consideration, higher performance and higher retribution.

Employee Philosophy:

People-oriented, maintain the mental compact between the company and the employees by heart as to establish a harmonious relationship.

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