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    Evergreen Conglomerate has built up several world-class aquatic processing plants in Guangdong, Guangxi and Hainan. Among all these plants, not only the processing scale but also the freezing capacity ranks the front row across the whole nation.

    Each processing plant has set up a complete quality assurance system to conduct an affective quality control into the processing procedure, and has obtained the following certificates: HACCP concerning fishery products for exporting to theUS, European Trademark Registration, BRC Global Standard-Food, ISO/DIS22000 certification, and BAP certification of ACC.

    Owing the private aquaculture bases with favorable ecological environment, the plants has developed the following popular products: head-on prawn, head-off prawn, shelled prawn, butterfly prawn, phoenix-tailed prawn, bread prawn, sushi prawn, cooked prawn, tilapia fillets, frozen tilapia, bread fillets, golden pomfret and so on, which sell very well as far as the US, Canada, Australia, Japan, Korea and Southeast Asia, and win the customers' acceptance and favor at home and abroad.

Shallowed skinned tilapia fillet

Frozen whole golden pomfret

Frozen whole tilapia

Deep skinned tilapia fillet

Dried & salty golden pomfret

Sweet & Sour tilapia

Sea bass

CHOSO shrimp

P&D shrimp

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