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Chairman of the board: Chen Dan

    For your being, the ordinary days have turned out to be splendid and the remote dream is no longer misty. Our enterprise, like a ship sailing in the ocean , has suffered the great pains in the troughs, experienced the surprise of passing through the peaks and enjoyed the leisure in calmness. No matter how tough the sailing is, we have always been purchasing the belief that things will come right in the end; the confidence that we are always heroes even in harsh ordeals and the courage that we will keep sailing in rain or shine .  All these are due to the reason that our faith will never fade.

    For you – my dear motherland, I will march on to promote the national industry without hesitation.

    For you – my dear customers, I will seize every minute to fulfill your dream regardless of whatever we have to pay.

    For you – my dear team players, I will spare no pains to create your future.

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