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Zhanjiang Evergreen Fishery Co., Ltd


Zhanjiang Evergreen Fishery Co., Ltd, established in 2009, is focusing on the business of aquaculture, seedling breeding, fishery engineering, fishery biological technology development, consulting and service of fishery technology.

The company has invested two bases of deep water cage culturing, one is in the sea southeast to Techeng Island with an culturing area of 55.6 hectares, the other is in the sea of Tiaoshun about 20 hectares. Totally, 160 deep water cages have been built, culturing golden pomfret, brown croaker, cobia and grouper, with an annual output of 1500 tons and 45 million yuan in value. The base in Techeng Island, is the first deep water cage industrial park in Guangdong co-built by Guangdong Evergreen Conglomerate and Sun Yat-san University. The philosophy of building industrial park to push forward the development of deep water cage culturing will drive ahead the industrialization and clustering development, improve the industry structure, and further elevate the constructing level of modern fishery.

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