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Zhanjiang Southern Coast Fishery Co., Ltd


Zhanjiang Southern Coast Fishery Co., Ltd, a culturing base of Guangdong Evergreen Conglomerate, is located in He’an, Xuwen with a culturing area of more than 200 hectares. Standing at the south most of mainland China, the base is blessed with not only marine water but also sufficient fresh water and moderate climate, which makes it the excellent place for culturing monodon, japonicas, vannamei and marine fishes.

The company pays great attention to the cooperation the relevant colleges and fishery research institutes and has been conducting the following researches: study on the application of soil remediation in the improvement of aging ponds, using its culturing ponds of approximately 7 hectares; study on the application of immobilized microbial filler, of raw materials of compound fermented feed in prawn farming; study on building practical system of controllable eco-breeding pattern on earth-pond farming etc.

The company will further utilize the coastal resources  and set up a large scale, high standard prawn culture demonstration base, to drive the coastal farmers to common prosperity.

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