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Banqiao Culturing base


Banqiao Culturing base is located in Banqiao, Dongfang City, Hainan Island, with a culturing area of 20 hectares. Plenty of protozoon, crustacean and shellfish nauplius guarantee sufficient initial diets for fries. What is more, the higher salinity of the marine water in this area makes it more suitable for the production of marine fish. Regarding the climate, there is rare storm or typhoon all year round, and the higher temperature in winter. With consideration of all the natural conditions, the base focuses on the breeding and culturing of valued marine fish, especially Trachinotus ovatus, garoupa, Hybrid Giant Tiger, tiger spot, and giant grouper. The base is also developing pollution-free culturing of cobia, grouper and Trachinotus ovatus, searching feasible farming method.

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