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Fangcheng aquaculture base


Fangcheng aquaculture base is located in Qisha, Fangchenggang City, Guangxi Autonomous Region, with excellent transportation conditions and sufficient electric power. There is plenty marine water source and the water quality has match the state standard. The base has been built in non-pollution area according to relevant policies, instead of the affected area revealed by authorities. With strict accordance to standardization requirements, the base has been planned with separated water supplying and draining systems. In the supplying system, marine water is introduced in and goes through procedures of sand filtration, depositing, biological filtration and chemical treatment before flowing into the culturing ponds. In the draining, waste water will be led to the waste sewage reservoir after deposited and microbiological deterioration, and finally drained out when it reach the purification standard. Regarding the location, the base is quite far from the residential area, farmland, chemical factories, hospitals and trash dumps, which makes it free from the pollution of waste water, rubbish and waste gas.

The surface of all the ponds is coated with concrete. There is a total culturing area of 24 hectares with an annual output of 200 tons. There are 30 staffs including 4 managements, 3 technicians, 18 culturing workers and 5 support crews. The technicians have solid culturing technology and rich experiment, and one of them has got senior professional title.

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