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Haijiao culturing base


Haijiao culturing base of Guangdong Evergreen Conglomerate is located in Jiaowei, Xuwen. The base was founded in 1997 with an area of 17 hectares. There are 18 culturing ponds with a culturing area of 12 hectares including 11 square ponds and 7 circle ones. The average size of the ponds is approximately 0.7 hectares. For an efficient intensive culturing, nine of the square ponds have been divided into 4 small ponds for each and equipped with Roots blower and bottom aeration. In order to increase the stability of culturing, two of the circle ponds are used to treat the water before supplied to the culturing ponds. In addition, all the 12 small ponds have been coated with plastic film for the best farming result.

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